Revised Edition - The News in Japanese Listening Comprehension 40

Revised Edition - The News in Japanese Listening Comprehension 40

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This is a revised edition of Chukyu kara Hajimeru Nyusu no Nihongo Chokai 40. Approximately 10 years have passed since the first edition, and 28 of the 40 news items in the book have been updated.

By listening to the news in such fields as economics, finance, politics, administration, and daily life, and, while performing tasks to understand structure and content, we aim for the learner to be able to hear and comprehend the news.

In addition, the learner - while coming into contact with a wide range of topics and comprehending how the news can be interesting - gets the opportunity to learn more about Japanese society.
Frequently used expressions are summarized as Important News Expressions.

Both the main text and the separate volume provide kana readings with all the kanji, so the book can be used for self-study.

This is a great starting point before moving onto the more advanced Nyusu no Nihongo Chokai 50.
Target users: Japanese learners and teachers
Level: Intermediate
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings
Separate volume: Important expressions and word list (in English, Chinese and Korean)
Audio: Available from our website (mp3 data)