Elementary Japanese: Panorama

Elementary Japanese: Panorama

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○Level: Elementary
○Genre: Comprehensive
○Language: English
○Japanese is written in kanji and kana. Partially romaji is added.

Elementary Japanese: PANORAMA is a textbook that introduces all of the material studied at the elementary level of Japanese in one volume. It aims to equip users with a strong foundation of Japanese language skills quickly and reliably.

I. Sounds and Writing Module introduces the kana scripts, the Japanese sound system, and the basics of kanji characters

II. Grammar Module explains elementary grammar through 12 overarching points
III. Practice Module provides a variety of exercises for 54 different topics
IV. Kanji Module presents 350 kanji appearing in the example sentences

The textbook companion website includes the Kanji Module as well as instructional and practice videos, digital flashcards, and other useful supplementary materials.

Estimated time to complete
Approx. 160 hours

12 Grammar Points
Grammar Point 1: Particles and Sentences with Predicate Verbs(助詞と動詞文)
Grammar Point 2: Verb Conjugations(動詞の活用)
Grammar Point 3: Basic Conversation(基本会話)
Grammar Point 4: Sentences with Predicate Nouns and Adjectives(名詞文・形容詞文)
Grammar Point 5: Conjugating and Using Short Forms(普通形の活用と用法)
Grammar Point 6: Te-forms(テ形)
Grammar Point 7: Verb Fomrs Meaning Desire, Potential, Passivity, and Causativity(願望・可能・受身・使役)
Grammar Point 8: Noun Modification(名詞修飾)
Grammar Point 9: Sentence-Final Expressions(文末表現)
Grammar Point 10: Complex Sentences(複文)
Grammar Point 11: Other Frequently Used Expressions(その他のよく使われる表現)
Grammar Point 12: Politeness and Formality in More Detail(丁寧さ・フォーマル度を使いこなす)