Chugakusei no Nihongo Kyoka-hen

Chugakusei no Nihongo Kyoka-hen

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This is the third book in a series of Japanese language texts for junior high school students connected with foreign countries receiving Japanese language study support at their junior high schools.

It is a teaching material for improving the ability of junior high school students to understand school textbooks covering such
subjects as science, social studies, and mathematics.

In the fields of science and social studies, the content of actual textbooks is briefly examined, and many hints and diagrams are provided to aid students’ understanding of the content. The book is structured so that while the students read the text, they come to understand the meaning of sentences and solves the set problems/questions.

The mathematics section provides original mathematical problems. The procedure of study is the same as with science and social studies, but as it is difficult to cover only the Japanese in the question parts, “Mathematic Hints” to help with mathematical thinking are also included.

The book was created with consideration being given to students mastering how to read the text, as well as encouraging them towards self-directed learning through the habit of taking notes for different subjects.

This is a teaching material that will be the first step towards students being able to read and understand the content of Japanese textbooks.

Target users: Junior high school students connected with foreign countries receiving Japanese language study support.
Level: Intermediate (end of the JLPT N3 level)
Subjects: Science (life and types of plants, appearance of substances, familiar physical phenomena, changes in the earth), society (geography, history, civics), and mathematics
Inscription: Kanji with kana readings
Translation: Comes with English, Chinese and Spanish vocabulary lists