QUARTET Vol.2 - Intermediate Japanese Across The Four Language Skills

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○Level: Upper-Intermediate
○Genre: Comprehensive
○Language: English is used for grammar explanations and word meanings.
○Audio material: approx. 180 minutes of companion audio material can be downloaded for free.
○A companion workbook is available (sold separately).

QUARTET is a comprehensive intermediate learning resource for Japanese-language learners who have completed the elementary level.
It provides well-balanced development of the four language skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—through study of the grammar, expressions, and strategies needed to communicate at the intermediate level.


  • QUARTET is divided into two textbook volumes. Volume I presents Lessons 1–6, and Volume II covers Lessons 7–12. The material in Volume I is roughly equivalent to level N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, while that in Volume II is on par with N2 and N1.
  • Every textbook lesson has four sections for the four language skills—読む, 書く, 話す, and 聞く—with each sharing the same theme. The sections are interconnected in various ways. For instance, the topic of the readings in 読む is taken up in the compositions of 書く, the dialogues of 話す, and the listening comprehension material of 聞く. As another example, the grammatical patterns and expressions used in the readings are also encountered in the listening comprehension tasks. This interlinking enables you to build up the four skills in a natural, well-balanced manner.
  • The workbook offers practice exercises related to each textbook lesson’s 読み物 and 文型・表現ノート.

Structure of Volume II

Main book: Lessons 7–12
                      Bursh ups
                     上級へのチャレンジ(Activities for expanding range of expression)
                     漢字チャレンジ(Handy strategies for mastering kanji)
                    The answers to the listening comprehension tasks / full scripts of the audio material
                    A list of the items presented in 文法・表現ノート
                    A list of the words included on the supplement’s vocabulary list

Supplement: Vocabulary lists / Kanji lists