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QUARTET : Intermediate Japanese Across The Four Language Skills Workbook

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*Examination copies of VOL.1 (Textbook/Workbook) is now available.

This workbook is designed as a companion resource for QUARTET: Intermediate Japanese Across the Four Skills I (Lessons 1–6). It provides exercises for checking understanding of the readings and practicing the文型・表現ノート material of each lesson, as well as exercises for 初級文法チェック and 漢字チャレンジ in the Brush-ups section.


(1) Lessons 1–6

(A)×チェック: These are true-or-false questions for checking your understanding of the reading as a whole.
(B)読みのストラテジー 練習 These exercises are for practicing the lesson’s 読みのストラテジー.
(C)内容質問: These exercises challenge you to examine the reading in greater detail through questions on sentence structure, how sentences are connected, and the gist of each section. 

(A)基本練習: These are basic exercises that require output.
(B)まとめの練習 These cover all items in the lesson, and come in three types: fill-in-the-blank (adding a suitable pattern or expression), sentence formation, and composition using the target patterns and expressions.
(C)口頭練習 In these exercises, you orally respond to questions using the patterns and expressions studied in that lesson.

(2) Brush-ups

初級文法チェック ワーク:These problems check your understanding of 初級文法チェック. 
漢字チャレンジ ワーク:This is a set of exercises for 漢字チャレンジ.