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New Complete Master Series: The Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Grammar N4

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Here is a book that allows the learner to review upper beginner level grammar while at the same time developing the skills necessary to pass N4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

With concise explanations and ample practice exercises, the book is organized so that the learner in a step-by-step manner gets closer and closer to the level needed to pass the exam. The book is structured in the following manner: Question Examples, Practicing Grammatical Forms, Skills Development and Mock Test.

In Part 1 of the Skills Development section, 2 to 3 test question grammar forms are presented per chapter to clarify their grammatical form by semantic function. In Part 2, beginning with the different usages of particles, use of the 'te-form,' beginner-level grammar points related to such items as transitive and intransitive verbs, etc., the basic rules of Japanese grammar are acquired.

Not only aimed at taking the exam, this book is also suitable for those wishing to firmly establish their ability at the beginner level, so as to be able to carry on to the intermediate and advanced levels. The book comes with explanations in English.