Japanese Graded Readers: Level 4

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Four Rules for Reading
①Start reading at a relatively simple level
②Read without using a dictionary
③Skip over parts you do not understand and continue reading
④If you find that you cannot continue, stop and read another book

Once you do that...
●You will be able to read continuously!
●You will be able to internalize Japanese!
●The amount of Japanese that you understand will naturally increase!
●You will be able to enjoy reading even more!
●You will soon be able to read books in the original Japanese!

Intermediate level corresponding to the N2 and N3 level JLPT.
Each volume is about 5,000 to 10,000 characters long.
Uses 1,300 vocabulary words. Features even higher-level vocabulary and no katakana ruby characters.
(Stories marked with a ★ do not come with CDs. The accompanying audio files can be downloaded from our Website.)

Story Contents
7)Koizumi Yakumo no kowai hanashi 2: Miminashi houichi and Umezu chuubee no hanashi
8)Tokyou wo arukou!★
9)Sekai no dokoka de nihon no dokoka de hontou ni atta hanashi★
10)Moriougai tanpenshuu: Takasebune and Saigo no ikku