Japanese Graded Readers: Level 3

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Four Rules for Reading
1Start reading at a relatively simple level
2Read without using a dictionary
3Skip over parts you do not understand and continue reading
4If you find that you cannot continue, stop and read another book

Once you do that...
●You will be able to read continuously!
●You will be able to internalize Japanese!
●The amount of Japanese that you understand will naturally increase!
●You will be able to enjoy reading even more!
●You will soon be able to read books in the original Japanese!

Beginner/Intermediate level corresponding to the N3 level JLPT.
Each volume is about 2,500 to 5,000 characters long. Uses 800 vocabulary words.
Features higher-level vocabulary and grammar and more varied content.
(Stories marked with a ★ do not come with CDs. The accompanying audio files can be downloaded from our Website.)

Story Contents
1)Koizumi Yakumo no kowai hanashi: Mujina and Yuurei-daki
2)Chuumon no ooi ryouri-ten
4)Kono hito daare? Osatsu no hanashi★
5)Akutagawa Ryuunosuke tanpenshuu: Kumo no ito and Hana