GENKI Japanese Readers Box 3 (L13-L18)

GENKI Japanese Readers Box 3 (L13-L18)

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GENKI Japanese Readers is an elementary extensive reading resource. Its 46 readings cover a broad range of material, including funny stories, scary tales, Japanese folk tales, and introductions to places in Japan. The grammar and vocabulary correspond to the content of the popular GENKI elementary Japanese series. Each reader is written in simple Japanese so that learners can enjoy reading them without relying on a dictionary.

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・L13-1 大分の温泉  Hot Springs in Oita  (1618)
・L13-2 ロバートさんのサークル  Robert Joins a Club  (1622)
・L14-1 りんごと兄弟  Apples and Brothers  (1425)
・L14-2 京都でお願いをしましょう  Let’s Make Wishes in Kyoto  (1190)
・L15-1 マスクの女の子  The Girl Wearing a Mask  (1408)
・L15-2 金沢の歴史と文化  History and Culture of Kanazawa  (1577)
・L16-1 スノーモンキー  Snow Monkeys  (1397)
・L16-2 彦一の話  Tales of Hikoichi  (1627)
・L17-1 先生の時計  The Teacher’s Pocket Watch  (1983)
・L17-2 歌舞伎の歴史  History of Kabuki  (1719)
・L18-1 メリーさんの電話  Phone Calls from Merry  (1913)
・L18-2 将来さん  Mr. Future  (2433)


  • The grammar items and vocabulary of two GENKI Japanese Readers titles correspond to those of a single GENKI textbook lesson.
Example: GENKI Japanese Readers L15-1 (The Girl Wearing a Mask) and L15-2 (History and Culture of Kanazawa)
→These two titles use grammar studied up to Lesson 15 of the GENKI textbook. Also, at least 95% of the text of both titles is made up of vocabulary studied in those lessons.
  • Every title is in full color. Ample illustrations and photos aid the learner’s understanding of the text.
  • Furigana are provided for all kanji.
  • Audio recordings are available for all titles. These can enhance the learner’s experience and pleasure through uses such as reading while listening, or reading after listening.