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Nihongo Soumatome N4 Kanji・Vocabulary

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The definitive study guide for the JLPT!
The "So-matome" series

In just 6 weeks, learn 200 kanji characters and 300 vocabulary words that will come in handy both in daily life and on the N4 level JLPT efficiently and effectively.
-Easy-to-follow layout with study material on the left-hand page and practice questions on the right-hand page
-Includes English and Vietnamese translations

❶Reinforces basic knowledge and skills needed for test taking by breaking down study into the fields of grammar, vocabulary, kanji, reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

❷Easy-to-read layout with study material arranged on the left-hand side and practice questions on the right.

Learn 200 kanji and 300 vocabulary words that are used often in daily life and also appear frequently on the N4 exam at an easy pace of 2 pages a day over 6 weeks.

Có thể học không quá khó trong vòng 6 tuần khoảng 200 chữ Hán và 300 từ vựng có ích trong cuộc sống hằng ngày hay xuất hiện trong trình độ N4.