Hajimeyo Nihongo Revised Edition: Drills and Grammar 1

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The aim of this book is to have the learner of Japanese from the very first steps increase his/her communication ability through the use of grammar, vocabulary and expressions. Without simply expecting the learner to finish studying basic Japanese grammar and then begin practicing what they have learnt, the book has the learner, while considering and talking about his/her own life, master the grammar, vocabulary and expressions necessary for actual situations in real life.

The following major revisions have been made with the revised edition:
Words that have gone out of usage, such as MD, video shop, reentry permission, alien registration card, etc., have been changed.
Statistical information such as population figures, prices, etc., has been replaced with more up-to-date information.
The previously separately sold 3 CDs are now included with the Main Text.
The Vocabulary Lists and CD scripts are now in PDF format and also included on the CD.
The Vocabulary Lists and Teacher's Book will now be in Print-on-Demand format and only available in electronic form.

N.B.: Apart from the vocabulary lists, these books have no translation into English, and so they do require a speaker of Japanese to act as instructor.