New Kanzen Master JLPT N1 Tango Word Book 2200

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This is a word book for advanced learners who need to study a wide range of words in a variety of fields.

The 2,200 words needed for the advanced level are arranged by their grammatical function and category (e.g., Society, the Economy and Industry, Body and Health, etc.). After roughly every 200 words, there is a reading passage allowing the learner to confirm how well he/she has grasped the words studied as well as how the words are actually used in sentences.

An App is also available, so the learner can hear the headword and example sentence being read out aloud to confirm the pronunciation.

The translation of the head words, examples sentences and reading passages comes with a red plastic cover sheet for testing/review purposes.The translation is in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Affixes and Counter Suffixes: 18
Reference words: 638