The Best Complete Workbook for the JLPT N2

The Best Complete Workbook for the JLPT N2

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全科目攻略! JLPT日本語能力試験ベスト総合問題集N2-言語知識(文字・語彙・文法)・読解・聴解


・無料音声アプリ「OTO Navi」対応

A complete collection of test problems from all JLPT sections, in just one book. The five tests' worth of problems and easy-to-understand examples and commentary will help you to firmly build the skills needed to pass the N2 test

・Contains 460 questions, equal to 5 tests
・Takes only 12 weeks to complete
・Downloadable commentary with multi-lingual translations (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian)
・"OTO Navi" audio app-supported