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New Complete Master Series: The Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Reading Comprehension N1

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Here is a reading comprehension exercise book that not only matches the needs of people aiming to take the N1 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, but can also be used by the general learner to cultivate his/her reading ability at the intermediate/advanced level.

After covering various important points in sections dealing with such areas as 'Taihi (Comparison)', 'Iikae (Rephrasing)', 'Hiyu (Metaphors)', 'Gimon Teijibun (Interrogative Sentences)', etc., the learner gets plenty of practice in the 'Bunsho Zentai o Tsukamu (Grasping the Whole Text)' section.

The book can be used for all types of texts, and good quality reading material has been selected, with many practice exercises related to such varied reading material as advertisements, pamphlets, informational publications, business documents, etc. With this one book, it is possible to tackle all types of reading material (example exercises: 28; practice exercises: 68; mock test: 1).

An explanation of the example exercises and practice exercises, in terms of how to read and identify important points in the text and how to select answers in multiple choice questions,is provided. An answer booklet for the practice questions is also included.