Minna No Nihongo Shokyu (1) [2nd Ed.] Chokai Task 25

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It is difficult to understand a foreign language when listening to it, especially at the early stages. Therefore, it is important to become used to listening to the sound of the language and then build up the ability to pick out important information though repeated listening. Through the task-based exercises (listening for necessary information in dialogues, interviews, reports, etc.) that make up this book, the learner can practice his/her communication skills while improving his/her listening comprehension. As the book has also been made to match the degree of progress of learners using Minna no Nihongo, they can also practice listening to the words and sentence patterns they have just studied.

The book comes with a translation (English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese) of any vocabulary used in the book but not found in the Main Text. And for learners without a CD player, an App is available to hear the audio content on smartphones or tablets.